About Dickman GES


In 2006, Dickman Supply learned of changes to the Energy Policy Act which would allow commercial building owners to take a tax deduction for upgrading their energy consuming systems to energy efficient standards. The Dickman team immediately began searching for more information and soon created a software system to calculate potential deductions for customers.

The following year, legislation was proposed and passed that would phase inefficient lamps and ballasts out of use over a period of years. It became increasingly obvious that our government was serious where energy consumption was concerned and that they were willing to put funds into the hands of those businesses willing to get serious about green as well.

It was during this time of legislative transition that we realized the need for a team dedicated to navigating the Green landscape. Throughout 2008 we put together a full team of green energy experts, refined the software systems to include additional incentives that were being made available, and defined the process of bringing a Green Energy Project from start to successful finish.

Although, the group had been working together on projects through the previous year, Green Energy Solutions was formally launched in January, 2009 as a division of Dickman Supply. Over the course of the year, they began working closely with several local utilities to bring even more savings to clients eligible for utility rebates that became available mid-year. In 2009, GES consulted on over 100 successful green energy projects.

The team started 2010 strong with an award from Dayton Power & Light at their 2010 Channel Partner Kickoff meeting. Being the 2009 Dayton Power & Light Channel Partner of the Year for the first year of the program is an honor and testament to this teams dedication.

As more incentives and more rebate opportunities came into being the team grew to accommodate the high number of projects. Throughout the next couple of years, the coming impact of the Lamp and Ballast Phase Out became more apparent and the incentive landscape became more complicated. There was no one solution to fit all possibilities from the start, and with each utility setting its own standards for rebates the team needed experts dedicated to each area utility company.

At the January 2012 DP&L Kickoff, GES were again honored with 2011 Channel Partner of the Year. They also received accolades from the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives for their efforts in Environmental and Energy Conservation. The phase out of standard T12 lamps and the consumer interest in LED technologies once again pushed the group to new opportunities.

Continuing to focus on their mission to find the optimal combination of technology and incentives for their clients has given the GES team a reputation as the best, most knowledgeable team in the area. The streak as DP&L Channel Partner of the Year has continued since 2011 as Dickman Supply has held the award each and every year since.

Our Mission

Green Energy Solutions will work closely with our clients to determine the optimal combination of energy efficient technologies and available incentive programs to help you significantly reduce energy consumption in your facility with a very short payback on your investment.

Our Process

  • Phase I - Your Green Objectives
  • Phase II - Facility Walk-through
  • Phase III - Energy Audit
  • Phase IV - Financing Discussion
  • Phase V - Project Implementation
  • Phase VI - Project Finalization
    • Project Review
    • Recycling
    • Deliverables