Dickman Supply recognized for green energy efforts

Sidney Daily News. January 18, 2012, pg. 11

The news at the recent Dayton Power & Light Channel Partner Program launch at Edison State College focused on energy rebate opportunities for DP&L business customers who can upgrade to more efficient electrical products for their facility in 2012. During the presentations it was announced that DP&L distributed $3.1 million in 2011 to its customers that took advantage of this opportunity to upgrade their lighting and motors in their facility, while having DP&L subsidize a major portion of the cost.

The goal of DP&L's program is to help customers pay for the upgrade costs associated with energy efficient technologies, and then the customer benefits for years to come with significantly lower electric bills. In order to more effectively provide DP&L customers with the information needed to claim rebates for projects, DP&L has partnered with area companies know for energy efficiency expertise.

At the kickoff, Dickman Supply's Green Energy Soulutions (GES) team learned it had earned DP&L's 2011 "Channel Partner of the Year" Award. It previously had won this award in 2009, and finished runner-up in 2010. It earned the designation by consulting on more than 200 energy reduction projects throughout the year with area DP&L customers, which accounted for more than $200,000 of DP&L's awarded rebate projects. Dickman has locations in Sidney, Greenville and Celina.

Looking ahead, DP&L announced that the 2012 rebate budget has increased to $3.7 million and that it has increased rebate amounts in key areas of the program. One area that was increased significantly was fot the historically-popular "T12" fluorescent lamps, which are being made obsolete by the government in July of this year. With this additional incentive, DP&L hopes to help its customers change out these old lamps before they are no longer available. They can change them out now with DP&L's finanacial help, or be forced to do so later with no incentive tied to it since the bulbs will no longer be available. Working with a DP&L Channel Partner is strongly recommended, as the process requires preapproval of the products and methods to be used. Channel Partners like Dickman SUpply's GES team are familiar with the process and have the knowledge and experience to provide the most efficient products and proper documentation needed for pre-approval and final rebate claims.

Dickman Supply's Vice President, Doug Borchers, said, "We are honored to be a repeat winner of DP&L's Channel Partner of the Year Award. We strive to optimize our clients' energy usage and maximize their returns on investment. When combining the DP&L rebate with currently available tax deductions, lower demand penalties, and ongoing energy savings, most of these energy upgrade projects are paying for themselves in less than a year, showing more than 100 percet return on investment, while the company continues to enjoy the significant savings for many years to come. In addition, the end result is a higher-quality, more energy-efficient, and totally modernized lighting system."




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Dickman Supply recognized for green energy efforts

Sidney Daily News. January 18, 2012, pg. 11

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