Dickman Supply Earns DP&L’s Top Award

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Dayton Power & Light held its annual Channel Partner meeting at Edison Community College today, announcing a growth year in energy rebates for DP&L business customers. In 2014, DP&L awarded $5.5M in rebates to their clients for undertaking energy-saving projects in their facilities, an increase of over 35% from the previous year. They also announced their Top Channel Partners, and Dickman Supply received the Channel Partner of the Year Award for the 5th time. Dickman Supply assisted DP&L customers in saving over 5 million kilowatt hours of energy this past year, and since the program’s inception in 2009 have generated more than $1.6M of rebates for their customers.

DP&L announced at the meeting that even with all the success that many businesses have had with energy efficiency projects, still less than 10% of their customers have taken advantage of the rebates available to them. The program provides DP&L’s industrial and commercial customers with generous incentives for upgrades that reduce energy consumption in such areas as lighting, motors, and air conditioning. The goal of the program is to help businesses pay for the upgrade costs associated with energy efficient technologies, while the customers benefit for years to come with lower electric bills, lowering their companies’ operating costs and making them more competitive in their markets.

At this meeting, DP&L also launched a new “instant rebate” program for energy efficient LED bulbs at selected Channel Partners, and an offering that reimburses DP&L business customers for the cost of an energy audit conducted in their facility. DP&L’s goal is to distribute $7.8 million in rebates this year to companies who undertake energy efficiency measures, a much larger amount than the $5.5 million awarded in 2014. For businesses looking to take advantage of the rebates, working with a DP&L Channel Partner is strongly recommended, as most processes require pre-approval of the products to be used. Channel Partners are very familiar with the process and have the knowledge and experience to provide the documentation needed for pre-approval and final rebate claims.

Dickman Supply Vice President and Director of its Green Energy Solutions (GES) Division, Doug Borchers, stated, “We are very honored to be DP&L’s Channel Partner of the Year. Our goal is always to optimize our customers’ energy usage and maximize their return on investment. When combining the DP&L rebate program with lower demand penalties and ongoing energy savings, most energy upgrade projects pay for themselves in less than 2 years, showing huge returns on investment, while customers continue to enjoy significant savings on their electric bill for many years to come.” He went on, “This is a total team effort between Dickman Supply personnel in all four of our locations… Sidney, Greenville, Celina and Marysville, and the combined knowledge and experience of our electrical contractor partners. Our mission from day one has been to work closely with clients to determine the optimal combination of energy efficient technologies and available incentive programs that significantly reduce energy consumption and provide the highest returns on investment.”




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Dickman Supply Earns DP&L’s Top Award

For five of the six years DP&L's Incentive program has been in place, Dickman Supply has earned the top honors for their part in handling customer rebates.

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