Change is Good

Even better saved in large denominations

There are many options available for businesses looking for green... And we're not just talking about green in and environmental sense. If your lighting system is more than a few years old, you're probably paying much more in utilities than necessary.

A common lighting changeout is from metal halide to fluorescent hi bay fixtures. The example to the left shows that changing your fixtures out to advanced energy efficient technologies is one way to save a lot of GREEN!

Metal Halide Fixture Changeout Example

  Current SystemReplacement Option
System400W Metal Halide FixtureFluorescent Hi Bay Fixture
Material(1) 400W bulb, (1) Magnetic Ballast(6) 32W T8XP lamps, (2) HBF Electronic Ballasts
Hours of Operation30003000
Fixture CostExisting$   139.00
DP&L RebateExisting-     50.00
Net Material Cost   $     89.00
System Wattage460224
Watts Saved0236
Foot Candle LevelsExistingGreatly Increased
Energy Rate$0.10 / KWHr$0.10 / KWHr
Energy Savings per Year$03000 x 0.10 x 236 / 1000 = $70.80/yr
Material Payback   $89.00 / $70.80 = 1.25 years (15 months)
Return on Investment   $70.80 / $89.00 = 80% ROI
The chart above shows a common currently installed system with a possible replacement option (in DP&L service area).