Green Energy Solutions Delivers Results


The numbers speak volumes for the savings!

The 2007 bill below is for Dickman Supply's Sidney Headquarters prior to installation. One year later, with just the installation of energy efficient lighting, usage and demand were both reduced. In 2009, occupancy sensors were added, further reducing both usage and demand.

Facility Energy Audit

Green Energy Solutions provides several energy audit services including:

  • Occupancy evaluation
  • Lighting efficiency evaluation
  • Retrofit recommendations
  • Motor and drive options
  • Recycling opportunities

Documentation Assistance

Due to the complex nature of the various incentive requirements, we provide documentation for each incentive program for which your project qualifies. This can include:

  • Project Payback Analysis
  • Energy Policy Act Tax Documentation
  • Grant Assistance
  • Warranty Information
  • Utility Rebate Setup

Customer Feedback

Just wanted to let you know that we love our new lighting in the warehouse at Bauer Roofing and Siding, Inc.
Thank you, Jill


The lights are installed and look great. We are really happy.
Thank you, Jon, Greenville City Schools


Thanks for all the help with the light relamp project. Everything went well and on time.
Thanks, Dave, Anna Schools


The lighting has done wonders. We should see a huge difference this winter when it gets dark so early. Thank you for all your help with the project.
Suzanne, Amos Library


I appreciate all of your hard work throughout this process. You guys have a good team at Dickman.
Greg, Accubuilt


The GES Team greatly appreciates that our customers are passing word on to associates. We were copied on this message...

Gail - Just this past December we converted our three gymnasiums from Metal Halite to top of the line T-5 and T-8 florescent bulbs. We qualified for a significant rebate from DP&L which helped reduce the cost, but the real savings will come from having the much more efficient lights combined with the new occupancy sensors installed. The full payback of our initial investment will be made in less than a year and a half.

I would highly recommend Dickman Supplies as someone you might want to talk to as you explore all of your options, including the use of a leasing company (which I would not necessarily recommend). Tim Bickel is a great contact there, and he will be glad to help you explore all of your options with no pressure to commit to them. I hope this helps. Ed




The folks at Dickman made the process of upgrading our gymnasium lighting easy. They were able to calculate our payback time, order everything we needed for the project, deliver it to the sight, and they took care of the rebate process so that we had our rebate check back in no time. Dickman made the project easy and productive.

Bill Badenhop
Executive Director of Administrative Services
Bellefontaine City Schools


I have been involved with your Green Energy Solutions program for several projects, for the City of Sidney, and for a couple of projects that I personally installed myself. From start to finish, I have great support from Dickman Supply. Getting the project sold to a customer is one of the hardest things to do. With your team's approach with less fixtures and more lumens for less KW, and putting it on paper with a 1 5 years payback, made it a much easier sale. Your DPL buy back support was also a major help. It seemed to work almost too easy. I have always had good product support with Dickman Supply. Green Energy Solutions was no different. Dickman's savings were seen on the bills (less KWs). The bottom line is that when I walked away from all the Green Energy projects that I was involved with, the customers are very, very happy.

Jim Heuing
City of Sidney
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor


I appreciate what you and your team have done to get us this proposal. We are especially grateful for the special consideration that has been made regarding your costs. As a result of your support in this effort, you are helping our organization better serve our community at the highest level possible, and for that we are truly thankful.

Thanks again for all of your good work.
Ed Thomas, CEO
Sidney-Shelby County YMCA


Thank you for your help and advice on this project. SCS will continue to use your company for projects needed at our schools. You and your company are trusted and very competent from the pitch, through the planning, and the finishing touches of a project.

Jerry W. Harmon
Director Of Business Affairs
Sidney City Schools