Benefits GES Brings to Your Business


The consultation services provided by GES are in high demand. Every business benefits from reducing their energy costs, however, GES brings added benefits to your green program.

The incentive programs available today are found at all levels of government and many overlap. What this means for your business is taking advantage of multiple incentives to offset the cost of upgrading to energy efficient processes. Thanks to this abundance of funding, many projects are seeing paybacks within the first year of service.

However, the requirements for these programs are not standardized and meeting the requirements of one will not suffice for all of them. GES has the experience and knowledge to assist you in finding and meeting the requirements of all incentive programs for which your project qualifies. In this way, you will achieve the shortest possible payback and a fast return on investment.

Although not calculated into the payback and return on investment, you will find additional rewards, sometimes considered soft benefits.

  • The obvious and easily calculated benefit is the energy savings achieved by using new technologies.
  • A side effect of this is a reduction in operating and maintenance costs associated with aging systems.
  • A second side effect is the reduction of energy demand penalties on your utility bill.
  • Advancements have greatly increased the life span of many facility systems, reduced wear on motors and long lasting lamps are just two examples of this.
  • The immediate energy reduction can be associated with a positive cash flow from day one.
  • Even increased employee satisfaction and safety have been noted by our clients as a benefit of the GES service.

Facility Energy Audit

Green Energy Solutions provides several energy audit services including:

  • Occupancy evaluation
  • Lighting efficiency evaluation
  • Retrofit recommendations
  • Motor and drive options
  • Recycling opportunities

Documentation Assistance

Due to the complex nature of the various incentive requirements, we provide documentation for each incentive program for which your project qualifies. This can include:

  • Project Payback Analysis
  • Energy Policy Act Tax Documentation
  • Grant Assistance
  • Warranty Information
  • Utility Rebate Setup